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Child's Pose

Training for Yoga, Allied Medical & Mental Health Professionals

Earth Element - Level I TIYT™
Trauma Informed Yoga Teaching
Working with the general population
Certificate of completion 

Tuition: $789 if registering for just Earth.
($108 discount if registering for Ea & Wa together)
Water Element - Level II TIYT™
TIYT™ Yoga Therapy Methodology
Working with special populations
Certificate of completion 

Tuition: $589 if registering for just Water
(completion of Earth is required to register for just Water)

$108 discount if registering for Levels 1 &2 together=$1270
LEVEL III block-2.png
TIYT™ Clinical Facilitator Certification
Facilitation of evidence-based protocols Internship & Certification course.
Option to participate in Sundara


Completed Level II & interested in Level III?
Please email us HERE
Completion of Levels I & II is required

2024 CALENDAR   


Earth Element - Level I

Last Level I training for 2024 - Online only

Please contact our registrar for information about the in-person trainings before purchasing airline tickets or hotel space. Our host recommends places to stay and we connect class participants for rental or airport ride shares and/or the exact location may change depending on the number of participants. This is part of our post-covid process and we know everyone is doing their best. Thank you for your patience. 


Water Element - Level II

Two Options remaining in 2024



Oklahoma City, OK

October 25-27, 2024

Fri 4-8p; Sat 8-5p; Sun 8a-3p

Times listed in Central Time Zone 


Virtual via Zoom


November 2-3 & 16-17, 2024

Sat 10a-4p ET; Sun 10a-3p ET

Times listed in Eastern Time Zone

Tuition $589
new_TIYT_format-checklist_for web.png


  • 100% attendance is required. If an emergency arises, we will help place you in a later cohort session.

  • We do not record the Webinar “live” meetings for participants to view later. In-person attendance is required in all sessions.

  • The only required texts of Levels I & II are the Earth and Water Manuals - once you are fully registered, you will be given a link to purchase them separately.  These manuals are only available to our participants - do not share the link.  We have an education platform that houses all additional materials required for the training.

  • Participants will have access to the education platform for 12 months from the start date of the program they enter.

  • There are NO make-up hours available, so be certain you are available for all of the hours listed.

Please review our refund policy before applying - we are small non-profit organization with financial obligations and cannot make exceptions - please don't ask, as everyone is important.

100% attendance required; if you have any concerns about being able to attend, please do not register at this time. 

2024 Tuition Rates

  • We have restructured the hours to include more in Earth Element for practical application experientials

  • We have not raised tuition in several years.

  • Level I - Earth Element (28 hrs)  $789

  • Level II - Water Element (22 hrs) $589

  • Level III – $689  Mentored Internship to become a TIYT™ Certified Clinical Facilitator


  • We are currently offering BIPOC* and Veteran Scholarships are available. Please email for more information and application

    * Generations of racism and an education system born from discriminatory policies have made clear that  Black, Indigenous, and People of Color students face greater obstacles to educational achievement. Coupled with the under-representation of BIPOC in the field of Yoga Therapy, SYT's BIPOC scholarship aims to mitigate these issues by providing financial support to increase opportunity for BIPOC community members to participate in our Yoga Therapy education programs.

FAQs & Tuiton
Refund Policy


 It is a Yogic tradition to practice self-inquiry - our application process starts with a self-inquiry.  Please read through the questions and meditate on them. If you do not have the time to do such an inquiry, please consider joining us when you have more time in your schedule.


Our Story

What is now called the Sundara Foundation's TIYT™ Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy training, started as a mentoring program in 2009 to keep up with the high demand for the "Overcome Anxiety Clinic" in Austin, Texas. The "clinic" became affectionately known as "OAnx" (pronounced "oh-anks"). OAnx is a program that evolved out of a protocol that was created as a holistic recovery program after a complete nervous breakdown (acute stress disorder), where one's nervous system is "hijacked" and one feels totally out of control.

The OAnx program had astounding success, and therefore the demand continued to increase, including requests to offer the program in hospitals, wellness centers and institutions. It quickly evolved to a program to help manage withdrawal symptoms from SUD detox within recovery efforts. The applications and customizations have grown as we have added trained facilitators from all walks of life.  When the demand for the mentoring became too much for our founder to keep up with, the TIYT training was created so we could train a group, rather than one-on-one mentoring. The training has evolved over the years due to collaborations, faculty input and is now this robust program that you are embarking upon. The training is packed with clinical experience, knowledge, and the love of 1000+ TIYT™ Collective members made up of Yoga, Mental Health, and Allied Medical Professionals.  

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