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Sundara Foundation is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization

Supporting equity initiatives in Health & Wellness

Serving under-resourced communities

Sundara Yoga Therapy offers evidence-based programs & Specialized Advanced Yoga Therapy Trainings

We are active in biomedical research

About Us

Strength and Healing is found in Community 

Sundara Yoga Therapy and Sundara Foundation were founded by Genevieve & Robert Yellin,  with the primary focus of offering practices based on an individual's strengths and unique challenges. The methodology that evolved over the past two decades is known as TIYT™ Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy. TIYT™ helps individuals who have experienced trauma, including those who have been labeled "therapy resistant," recognizing that traditional forms of therapy were not always effective for individuals who had experienced trauma. TIYT™ is a holistic approach that addresses the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual aspects of healing; all are needed to help individuals connect with their bodies, identify and regulate their emotions, cultivate a sense of connection and purpose, and promote self-healing. The methodology uses education and a Somatic approach to teach clients how to self-identify and modify activated/deactivated states of their nervous system as a key first step to the recovery process. 

Meet The Team
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Our Community Partners

Sundara Foundation is honored to provide services, education, materials, and/or financial support within a Community Partnership with the outstanding groups listed below.  

Our Story

What is now called the Sundara Foundation's TIYT™ Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy training, started as a mentoring program in 2009 to keep up with the high demand for the "Overcome Anxiety Clinic" in Austin, Texas. The "clinic" became affectionately known as "OAnx" (pronounced "oh-anks"). OAnx is a program that evolved out of a protocol that was created as a holistic recovery program after a complete nervous breakdown (acute stress disorder), where one's nervous system is "hijacked" and one feels totally out of control.

The OAnx program had astounding success, and therefore the demand continued to increase, including requests to offer the program in hospitals, wellness centers and institutions. It quickly evolved to a program to help manage withdrawal symptoms from SUD detox within recovery efforts. The applications and customizations have grown as we have added trained facilitators from all walks of life.  When the demand for the mentoring became too much for our founder to keep up with, the TIYT training was created so we could train a group, rather than one-on-one mentoring. The training has evolved over the years due to collaborations, faculty input and is now this robust program that you are embarking upon. The training is packed with clinical experience, knowledge, and the love of 1000+ TIYT™ Collective members made up of Yoga, Mental Health, and Allied Medical Professionals.  

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