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Menopause is more often than not a challenging stage in a woman’s life.  The milestone that is commonly called the “change of life” often carries a negative  connotation which is constantly reinforced in our mass-media culture.  The fluctuation of hormones may create disharmony in the body, mind and spirit.  Physical symptoms seem to appear out of nowhere and the emotional upheaval that ensues may leave us anxious, depressed, angry, or feeling helpless.  Our spirit may deplete and a sense of disconnect leaves us with the perception of being obsolete, alone and lost. 


This Yoga Therapy based workshop shows participants the path of self-healing, an innate quality we all possess. Whether your challenges are physical, emotional and/or spiritual, we teach you techniques that draw from the ancient tradition of Yoga, as well as modern medical and neurophysiological knowledge.   The program will bring you back into balance, reduce anxiety, increase stress resistance and improve sleep quality and mood.   The practices we teach address the following common symptoms that accompany the menopausal transition and post-menopause:

Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor
mature females yoga managig menopause -cropped.png
  • Hot flashes

  • Night sweats

  • Insomnia/sleep problems

  • Mood change

  • Anxiety/Panic

  • Headaches

  • Memory & concentration problems

  • Weight gain and slowed metabolism

  • Thinning, dry hair and dry skin

  • Urinary incontinence

  • Low libido

  • Feeling of disconnect

We are not offering in-person courses at this time.  Please check our Calendar for virtual class option or connect with one of our TIYT™ Facilitators HERE

Investment: $240 

Fridays, 11a-12:30p ET

Begins: This Session is fully booked - please check back for future offerings, or email SYT's registrar to inform you when we announce our next session.

8-week program, meets as a community, virtually every other week. Sessions will be recorded for participants who are unable to attend all sessions. We encourage you to join in on the community experience of the "live" virtual sessions whenever possible. Also included, daily, 30-minute guided protocol (on-demand).

See Calendar for our upcoming sessions

We will inevitably fill-up quickly as soon as we open registration as this is a popular offering - please register at your earliest convenience.  

In this series, you will receive:

  • E-book  or print copy for additional fee:  
    Managing Menopause: A Holistic, Thriving Approach

    by Genevieve Yellin, CIAYT, ERYT500, Kerry Meath-Sinkin, MPH, CAyur, RYT, & Jessica Byron, M.D., CIAYT.   

    This book includes support material for information covered in class, and a workbook with tracking charts - it is required for all courses.

  • Yoga Sequence links for a mobile-friendly, timed video-slideshow powered by Yoga Therapy Library that you can follow as a daily home practice - part of your 8-week plan.

  • Access to online Yoga videos exclusively for MM participants

  • Downloadable MP3 with guided meditations and a Yoga Nidra for daily guided meditations and breathwork.

  • Healthy Ayurvedic lifestyle guide for restoring vitality and help with balancing hormones.

  • Ayurvedic recipes, and recommendations

  • A pamphlet with suggestions for a build-your-own Self-Care kit at your home.


Yoga Class for Managing Menopause Participants, by Genevieve Yellin, CIAYT, ERYT500  Friday from Feb 6 - March 26, 2024, 11aET-12:30pET 

Due to overwhelming positive feedback from past and present participants who don’t want the sessions to end, we have decided the 8 week time frame is just not enough. We are creating an on-going, self-paced program that can be accessed online at any time and for as long you you want . This extended time follows our body’s slower transition time clock, not rushing to learn everything we may need along the way. Day to day, hour to hour our needs change. We want to be there for you throughout it all! 

New format and structure - starting February 2024


The community building web-based meetings have been really popular in the past, and we believe key to getting the most out of a program, so we will offer an optional meeting once every quarter for an hour to catch up, share, laugh together, and offer some new tools, insights and information.


 As our community grows, we will add other web-based meeting day/time options. Please let us know what days/times works for you by emailing us HERE.

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