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Level I – Earth Element





About the Course

Earth Element is Sundara’s TIYT™ Level 1 training and covers Trauma Informed Yoga teaching principles for general population Yoga classes. We cap our trainings so we can get to know our future colleauges – we are a Collective and community is very important to us – because of the limited space, our trainings book up in advance, so please register early.

Sundara Yoga Therapy adheres to SAMHSA’s standards in Trauma Informed Care. Our course content is structured to fulfill the nationally recognized principles of trauma informed care as defined by SAMHSA.

  • The process of creating a Safe Space

  • Ancient Yoga practices

  • Yoga Psychology

  • Yoga Philosophy

  • Neurophysiology

  • Relational-Cultural Theory

  • Diversity , Equity & Inclusion

  • Mindfulness

  • Ethics & Boundaries

  • Scope of Practice

  • Self-Care • & More...

Please see the Self-Inquiry Exercise above the application button. Please note:

  • This training does not work on your own personal journey-we'll discuss how a personal journey may influence a therapeutic relationship.

  • This training does not include opportunities for you to share your story.

  • This training requires participants to be able to step out of their personal narrative.

  • We will not ask you to share your story, or revisit a traumatic event in your life.

If you have any questions after reviewing all of the information on this website, please email our Registrar HERE

Your Instructor

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