Sundara Yoga Therapy, Anxiety Treatment & Yoga Therapy Teacher Training
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TIYT™ Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy Training 

Trauma Informed Yoga 

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TIYT™ Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy

Sundara Yoga Therapy’s Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy trainings are broken into distinct levels.  Each level requires specific modules which are named after the elements – Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. Our goal is to bring trauma informed Yoga Therapy disciplines to all manner of providers, whether they are new to their field, or are long standing practitioners. To this goal we offer three levels of certification. The higher the level, the more elements are required.

200hr & 300hr YTT Affiliates
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TIYT™ Affiliate 200hr & 300hr Yoga Teacher Training Programs meet our rigorous standards, have stellar reputations, are taught by experienced faculty, are steeped in tradition, and have a student-centered focus. All of the programs include TIYT™ Trauma Informed Yoga Level I curriculum, and therefore graduates of the programs come out with a 25hr TIYT™ Level I certificate as well as their YTT certificate.  We are proud to work with our affiliate programs.

Yoga Therapy Offerings
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We offer individualized private Yoga Therapy Sessions as well as specialized Yoga Therapy Series that are designed to address specific topics.  To name a few:  Yoga Therapy for Chronic Back Pain (CBP), Managing Menopause, or “Overcome” – an evidence based course designed to overcome anxiety, or other fluctuations of the mind.  At this we are focusing on creating more accessibility to our life-changing Series for people who cannot attend classes in Austin. Please check back to see our Online Programming that we are in the process of building.

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