Sundara Foundation is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization

Supporting equity initiatives in Health & Wellness

Serving under-resourced communities

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Sundara Yoga Therapy offers evidence-based programs & Specialized Advanced Yoga Therapy Trainings

We are active in biomedical research

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Recently Added 

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New Overcome! Series Added to Calendar




TIYT™  Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy Trainings

Fully accredited web-based “LIVE” trainings!   Taking applications for our 2022 calendar. 


Private Yoga Therapy & Evidence-Based Programs

Private Yoga Therapy Sessions, and Evidence based programs honed over a minimum of a decade in response to thousands of participants' feedback. Pilot Research results for 'Overcome!' program. Work with one of our TIYT™ Certified Clinical Facilitators one-on-one or in a specialized group class. 

Our Most Popular Evidence-Based Programs 
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Yoga Therapy Research Collaboration

Community Partnerships in Action

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Case Study Article written about our PCC IPMP 
by Duke Margolis Center for Health Policy HERE


Sundara Foundation is honored to provide services, education, materials, and/or financial support within a Community Partnership with the outstanding groups listed below.  

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If you are having Suicidal thoughts, please call 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or visit: The Suicide Prevention Help Line website

By July 16, 2022 dialing 988 will connect you directly to the Suicide Prevention Help Line - some areas have it available already

**Medication Alert**
We DO NOT recommend that you discontinue taking prescription drugs without the consent and supervision of a medical professional. It is very important to be under a physician’s care if you plan to discontinue medication. Discontinuation of anti-anxiety medications can lead to severe reactions. This series is not intended as a replacement for your healthcare providers services.


Free Yoga Resources

Useful Tools for our Trauma Resolution Programs


The free resources were created for our Yoga community in the People's Community Clinic Integrative Pain Management Program, The Bethany House of Friends Alzheimer's Respite Care Program and all other Sundara Yoga Therapy clients and group class participants. 


All are free for the general public - we hope they are useful to you. 


Need a TIYT Expert* for a speaking engagement, a training, corporate event, or to interview/write for your publication? 

*e.g., Trauma informed care, Yoga Therapy in clinical settings, Yoga Therapy for Trauma Resolution, Yoga Therapy for Community Engagement

Let us connect you...

We have a very diverse Collective, all of whom have specializations and experience with various populations.   Please be as specific as possible in your request. 

Thank you for your request. We'll get back to you within 48 hours