TIYT training for mental health professionals


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TIYT™ For Mental Health Professionals

Our online Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy (TIYT™) training for Mental Health Professionals is a five-week program that offers 10 CEU credits to mental health professionals. We offer quarterly, live, web-based call-in sessions to connect our community, field a Q&A session, and to allow colleagues to share their experiences with TIYT™ methods.  the quarterly calls are NOT required and are not part of the coursework – they are simply to build and support a community of practitioners who use Yoga in a clinical setting – it takes a village!

This training includes evidence based Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy tools and self-regulation exercises that can  applied in a clinical setting with a wide range of clients.

The course is delivered over a five week period. Participants are expected to have a daily Yoga practice during the training in order to cultivate their own personal practice – a requirement for teaching Yoga tools with integrity.  We offer a new 10-20 minute Yoga sequence each session.   The five-week distribution time-frame allows participants to get familiar with the materials from a personal experience, and practice teaching the tools before they use them in their clinical practice.  Many of the healing benefits of Yoga come from a subtle form of awareness that takes time to cultivate.

Yoga Therapy is an integrated approach to health and wellness; it is widely recognized and accepted within the most up-to-date medical and mental health communities. Yoga Therapy brings the ancient insights of yoga into modern wellness programs; it utilizes modern scientific, medical and mental health knowledge, in addition to ancient practices for self-healing.

The foundation of Sundara’s Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy Methodology is rooted in the ancient techniques of Yoga and in modern research in the fields of neurophysiology, neuropsychology, stress physiology and medical biophysics.  The Polyvagal Nerve theory and Somatic Yoga, and their application in treating acute stress, trauma and anxiety, provide us with the knowledge and skills to amplify a person’s ability to self-heal by cultivating self-awareness, interoceptive processes and eventually changing neurological processes that support a self-regulation system, all through the practice of evidence based yoga therapy protocols.

The focus of the training is to give participants practical applications of ancient, traditional Yoga techniques that can be used in a Mental Health clinical setting, and in participant’s own lives. We will provide you with immediate up-, or down-regulation tools as needed in a therapy session, but also introduce a set of tools for clients to take home (handouts) that will train the body and mind to employ a natural system of self-awareness and self-regulation. For thousands of years, these techniques have been employed to help counteract and manage the negative effects of stress and the aftermath of traumatic life experiences.

TIYT™ Clinical Facilitators are currently in a formal research collaboration with Dr. Keri Heilman, PhD (principle investigator) and Dr. Stephen Porges, PhD (Polyvagal Theory) through the University of North Carolina. We completed a very successful pilot study in 2018 and are embarking on a 2-year research project.

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Prerequisites and Requirements:

◊ Licensed in a Mental Health Field.
◊ At least one year of personal Yoga practice.
◊ Optional: to participate in the Live videoconference with Jodi & Genevieve, and various guest speakers, you will need to have access to a web-based communication device (computer, tablet or phone) that will support Zoom Video Conferencing. Registration with Zoom Video Conferencing is free – you do not need to purchase a usage plan with Zoom.

How to Register:

1. Please click on the link below.
2. Create your account (all questions are required)
3. An email will be sent to you with the Education Platform login link (may be delayed up to 20 minutes)
4. Follow link, you will be brought to your account and will see all five sessions listed: “TIYT for Mental Health Professionals Session#___”
5. Start with Session #1.  We ask that you spend a minimum on 1 week per session; you have up to 2 years to complete the course.

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Continuing Education Credits

All professionals who pre-register for CE credit and remit $15 payment will receive a certificate from Sundara Yoga Therapy upon completing a CE Evaluation Form at the end of the training – the certificate and evaluation form can be used to register CEs with the appropriate licensing agency. 

Social Workers, Professional Counselors and Marriage/Family Therapists:
Sundara Yoga Therapy’s TIYT trainings are pre-approved for CE credits in the state of Texas.  Attendees requesting Professional CE who live outside of Texas are responsible for contacting their home state licensing organizations to see if there is reciprocity. Sundara Yoga Therapy is not responsible for the decision of licensing boards that lie outside the state of Texas. To date, no-one has ever been denied CE credit in any state, for any association , for any of our trainings, but it is your responsibility to check with your licensing agency before finalizing your registration. 

Social Workers- TX State: 6 SW CEUs – TX Provider #6724
Pre-approved as a Provider for Continuing Education Credits for Social Workers in the state of Texas (All Elements).

Marriage & Family Therapists and Professional Counselor: 6 MFT & PC CEUs – TX Provider #1205
Pre-approved as a Provider for Continuing Education Credits for Marriage and Family Therapists in the state of Texas (All Elements).

Dr. Jodi Ceballos, PsyD, C-IAYT, TIYT
Genevieve Yellin, C-IAYT, ERYT500, TIYT
Dr. Jessica Byron, M.D., C-IAYT, ERYT500

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