Advanced Yoga Therapy Training Guest Speakers

<strong>Geoff O'Meara, RYT, TIYT</strong>
Geoff O'Meara, RYT, TIYTPrison Yoga, PTSD
Geoff is a registered yoga teacher and a certified Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy teacher (TIYT) through Sundara Yoga Therapy. He is the Prison Program Director for the non-profit Community Yoga. Through sharing the practice of yoga with thousands of incarcerated men and women he has witnessed time and again the discovery of wisdom and simple contentment amidst the most challenging of circumstances as individuals use the tool of yoga to break cycles of violence, addiction, and negative thinking, establish the foundation for a holistic and independent program of self-care, and cultivate the confidence that is essential for sustained well-being. In teaching to this population, one of Geoff’s primary concerns is counteracting the isolating and self-defining conditions of imprisonment with the power of sangha, establishing a vital and enduring community that imparts the strength, support, and stamina required for a deeply transformational internal practice. Outside of his work with Community Yoga, Geoff is a freelance designer (architecture and graphic design), artist, Bob Marley scholar, dad and husband.
<strong>Geeti Mahajan, LCSW, MPH, MA, RYT500, PYT, TIYT</strong>
Geeti Mahajan, LCSW, MPH, MA, RYT500, PYT, TIYTInpatient Psychiatric, Addiction, PTSD
Geeti holds Master’s degrees in Social Work (LCSW), Public Health (MPH), and Asian Cultures & Languages (MA). She has completed 500 hours of Integrative Yoga Therapy (IYT) training, focusing on yoga for mental health. Geeti currently works as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and Professional Yoga Therapist (PYT) at an inpatient psychiatric facility in Austin, Texas, where she offers both talk therapy and yoga therapy to children, adolescents, and adults. Prior to finding the path of yoga, Geeti grew up dancing and has over 25 years of experience in classical Indian and Iranian (Persian) dance forms. She currently serves as Director of Ravaan Persian Dance Company ( and also offers Bollywood dance classes. Drawing from both her yoga and dance backgrounds, Geeti’s classes and workshops emphasize the healing quality of movement.

<strong>Annie Okerlin, RYT, PYT</strong>
Annie Okerlin, RYT, PYTVeterans, PTSD, Adaptive
Annie Okerlin is a certified yoga instructor in the traditions of Bikram, Vinyasa and Power Yoga. Annie founded and directs the Exalted Warrior Foundation in 2008, a yoga program designed for our nation’s wounded war fighters, their families and the dedicated staff therapists intimately involved with their care and rehabilitation in major military medical and Veterans hospital facilities. The program supports wounded populations with amputations, orthopedic poly-trauma, burn injuries, traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries as well as PTSD and depression. Annie is also the owner and president of Yogani Studio in Tampa, Florida

<strong>Glen Mayes, RYT, TIYT</strong>
Glen Mayes, RYT, TIYTUnderserved Youth, Incarcerated Youth
Glen Mayes is a Registered Yoga Teacher, a certified Sundara Yoga Therapy Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy (TIYT) teacher. Glen is a Director of the Overcome Anxiety Project, a non-profit organization – he serves as the Director of Youth Services at Community Yoga in Austin, another non-profit organization. He has invested over a decade to youth across the state of Texas including juvenile corrections, multiple after school programs and summer programs and now, to a lifestyle of mindfulness yoga and meditation. His experience has led him to understand that in order to facilitate real change you must have an ongoing relationship with the youth you serve. Mr. Mayes reaches thousands of students in our public and private education systems with evidenced-based programs and a heart of service. 
<strong>Teresa Campbell, RYT, PYT, TIYT</strong>
Teresa Campbell, RYT, PYT, TIYTTeen/Queer Identity, Women's Empowerment, Cancer Care
 Teresa Campbell is a yoga therapist, ritualist, spoken word artist and shamanic priestess. She is fuelled by her intense passion for new ways of living, breathing and perceiving and her call to guide others as a midwife to rebirth. She is the creator of West Coast Wild Women Retreats, director of teacher trainings and therapy programs that stand out in their revolutionary approaches to learning, teaching and alchemizing. For the past 15 years Teresa has taught locally and internationally from the belief that ferocity, luminosity and the wild way is the soul way.
<strong>Trionne Barnett, ERYT500, PYT1000, TIYT</strong>
Trionne Barnett, ERYT500, PYT1000, TIYTPsychiatric Inpatient Program, Senior Overcoming Anxiety Facilitator
Trionne began her journey with yoga in 2002 and is a 2013 graduate of the Integrative Yoga Therapy Professional Yoga Therapy program (PYT1000). She is also certified Trauma Informed Yoga Therapist (TIYT) through Sundara Yoga Therapy. Trionne offers Yoga Therapy, Private, Group and Corporate yoga classes to suit the needs of the students. Her class focus is on moving mindfully and breathing into each posture suggesting the body “allow” the movement without force. Linking movement with breath creates a moving meditation that calms and strengthens the mind, body and soul. Each pose requires undoing, requiring no goal, and going with the body, rather than pushing or telling the body what to do.
<strong>Kimberly Coleman RYT, PYT, TIYT</strong>
Kimberly Coleman RYT, PYT, TIYTRefugee, Disaster Relief, Incarcerated Women
n 1993 Kimberly started her healing journey as a Massage Therapist specializing in Energy work. Kimberly studied with Diane Stein, Donna Eden and many others. She has been a teaching Reiki Master and Energy Medicine Practitioner since 2008, & a trained Yoga Teacher since 2010. Kimberly specializes in Therapeutic & Restorative Yoga. She has worked in Haiti with Earthquake survivors and at MCI Framingham women’s prison in Massachusetts, teaching to disempowered women. Kimberly believes asking people how they feel & giving them space to let go is where transformation starts. Currently, Kimberly is working in the Healing Arts department of the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health. She continues to teach and assist in a variety workshops, traveling the world sharing the gifts of transformation and healing.
<strong>Dara Paprock, M.A< ERYT, LCDC, TIYT</strong>
Dara Paprock, M.A< ERYT, LCDC, TIYTAddiction Rehabilitation
Dara Paprock, M.A. E-RYT, LCDC, is a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor in the state of Texas. She teaches therapeutic yoga for stress management, recovery, pain management, strength, endurance and flexibility. Drawing on Yoga experience at the Paramahansa Yogananda’s Self Realization Center in Los Angeles, Ashtanga Yoga, Qi Gong, a natural affinity with Kundalini Yoga, combined with 25 years of dance, theatrical performance and art, Dara weaves in methods of Yoga addressing the needs of the class. She has found this workshop useful for chronic relapses in addiction recovery , pain managements, as well as those who suffer with Anxiety and PTSD. Dara is an certified Truama Informed Yoga Therapy teacher through Sundara Yoga Therapy and a trained facilitator for the Clinic for Anxiety Disorders: “Overcoming Anxiety, A Holistic Approach to Overcoming Anxiety.”