unnamedThis time of year is perfect for getting together with loved ones, reflecting, celebrating, acknowledging, re-establishing your practice, and letting go.  “Letting go” is a central theme in a Yogic lifestyle, and is one half of the balancing act that includes “dedicated effort” as the other half.   In Sanskrit they are:

Abhyasa (dedicated effort) & Vairagya (practice of non-attachment or letting go).
Before you create your New Year’s resolutions (things you are dedicated to accomplishing this coming year), consider making a list of things you are going to let go — guilt, jealousy, resentment, constant worry, or other negative emotions that keep us bound to negativity and therefore bound to suffering.  In that list, consider adding some ego feeding things like too much pride in past accomplishments or achievements, sense of entitlement for whatever reason (e.g. wealth, status, etc), over extending personal opinions, or engaging in divisive actions.  All of these things keep us from living fully and with a sense of freedom, regardless of our present situation.  Once you have let go of some of this emotional baggage, you will have more energy to put toward your resolutions and intentions for a beautiful 2014.  This is going to be a great year!


Much Metta, 


Genevieve Yellin
Sundara Yoga Therapy