Natural Remedy for Anxiety — Pranayama

//Natural Remedy for Anxiety — Pranayama

Natural Remedy for Anxiety — Pranayama

pranayamaPranayama is one of the easiest and most effective natural remedy for anxiety.  When we have rising anxiety, it feels like the mind is running away from us, and it is scary.   The mind and the breath are connected — one cannot run away without the other.  Breathing is controlled by both the unconscious and the conscious part of the brain.  If we are not thinking about our breath, or intentionally changing our breathing patterns (e.g. holding our breath, taking deeper breaths, etc) then it is under unconscious control.  As soon as we intentionally change how we naturally breathe, it falls under conscious control.  We can always control the breath, and by doing so we effect the mind. As far back as the Upanishads, the connection between the breath and the mind was noted. Calm mind, calm breath. Think about how agitated the breathing becomes when someone is enraged, stricken with grief, frightened, or any other strong emotion that is a “fluctuation of the mind” (Yoga terminology); then compare that to how calm, smooth, deep and slow someone’s breath is when the are in a relaxed state. When the mind is agitated, so is the breath. You can use the breath to calm the mind — consciously slow the breath down and lengthen the exhalation, and eventually the mind will follow by calming down as well.



Diaphragmatic Breathing: A Natural Remedy for Anxietydiaphragmatic breath_edited-1

Overall Effect: Calming, centering; helps to re-establish natural breathing patterns and strengthen the diaphragm 1. Lie on your back on a flat surface or in bed, with your knees bent and your head supported. You can use a pillow under your knees to support your legs. Place one hand on your upper chest and the other just below your rib cage. This will allow you to feel your body move as you breathe’ it will allow you to monitor and consciously restrict the movement of the chest. 2. Inhalation Breathe in slowly through your nose so that your stomach moves out against your hand. The chest should remain as still as possible. 3. Exhalation Allow the air to release, begin to draw the navel in toward the spine. Keep the chest as still as possible throughout the whole exercise. When you first begin to practice diaphragmatic breathing, it may be easier for you to follow the instructions lying down, as shown. As you gain more practice, you can try the diaphragmatic breathing technique while sitting in a chair, or standing, and eventually it will feel like the natural way to breathe. Practice right before bedtime, and several times a day for a few minutes whenever time allows. Info about Overcoming Anxiety Clinic…

 Alternate Nostril Breathing: A Natural Remedy for Anxietyalt_nost_breath-copy

Overall effect: Neutral if inhalation & exhalation are even; stimulating if inhalation is longer/stronger; calming if exhalation is longer/softer; brings clarity to the mind. Turn your right palm toward your face. Bend your index and middle fingers in toward your palm. Extend the ring and pinky fingers, and your thumb. You will use the inside edge of your thumb and the inside edge of your ring finger to block off your nostrils alternately as follows:
 Inhale through both nostrils.
 Place your thumb over the right nostril.
 Exhale through the left nostril.
 Keep the left nostril open and Inhale through the left nostril.
 Release the right nostril and block the left nostril with the ring finger.
 Exhale through the right nostril.
 Keep the right nostril open and Inhale through the right side.
 Switch, exhale through the left nostril.
 Inhale same side, switch, exhale other side; inhale same side, switch, exhale other side.
 Continue at your own pace. Note: the switch takes place right before the exhalation.

TO END After an inhalation through the right nostril, remove your hand and exhale through both nostrils to complete the exercise. Start with a 30-45 second practice, work your way up to 10-15 minutes. For Information on Overcoming Anxiety Clinic…

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