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Guided Meditations for Stress Relief MP3 Album

By: Genevieve Yellin
Guided Meditations for Stress Relief MP3 Album\

Guided Meditations is a selection of meditations to fit your schedule and your present state. Try one or more every day to train yourself how to self-calm your body and mind during times of stress. Each of the meditations was created with the intention of taking a listener from a state of rising anxiety to calm; therefore the beginning of each meditation is a little louder and faster than the ending. For this reason, if listening to several in a row, be aware that the volume and pace will be increased when you switch to the new track. Choose the appropriate meditation by the purpose stated in the parentheses from the menu below:
Initiating the Relaxation Response (to reduce rising anxiety) 4:06
Balloon Breathing (to soften tension in the body) 3:19
Breath & Body Meditation (to quiet a racing mind) 7:37
Seeking Sensation with the Breath (to quiet a racing mind) 5:17
Progressive Muscle Relaxation (Active) (to release tension) 5:35
Short Yoga Nidra — Body Scan (a guided meditation) 19:06

The ability to self-calm is essential to reversing the deleterious effects of stress on the mind, body and spirit. Over time you will build greater stress resistance – the things that used to bother you will no longer consume your time or energy. Is breathwork that powerful and important – absolutely!

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Genevieve Yellin is a certified Yoga Therapist with the International Association of Yoga Therapists (CIAYT) and is registered with the Yoga Alliance as an ERYT500, Children’s Yoga Teacher (RCYT) and a Prenatal Yoga Teacher (RPYT). She has over 9000 hours of Yoga teaching experience in addition to having seen over 2000 private clients in her private Yoga Therapy practice. Her professional background as a research scientist (biochemistry) in the University system, before transitioning to full-time Yoga Therapy practice is evident in her approach to yoga therapy. She is currently enrolled in a MSc program at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience (IoPPN) at King’s College, London, with a dual focus in psychology and neuroscience.  Her teaching serves as an accessible bridge between the ancient teachings of Yoga and modern neuroscience. Genevieve is the Director of TIYT Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy School and is a faculty member is several 200hr, 300hr & 800hr Yoga Therapy certification programs. Genevieve is the Founder/Director of The Overcome Anxiety Project, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that offers training to those who serve underserved communities; she also facilitates, and trains others to facilitate, the very successful Overcome Clinic: A Holistic and Natural Approach.

Patrick McMinn is a composer and multimedia artist living in Baltimore, MD interested in the intersection between acoustic and electronic sound in a live environment. His pieces often involve manipulating or processing acoustic instruments to augment, recontextualize, or magnify their natural character. Patrick is an active performer of his own work, whether in the concert hall or in alternative and DIY venues throughout the country. He also collaborates often in the Baltimore area, performing in the the experimental chamber ensemble Impatience Machine as well as writing performance and composition-based software systems for local artists and musicians.
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