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Our Yoga Therapy Series is designed to empower individuals to take charge of their self-healing process. With information and guidance, we help chronic back pain sufferers develop a customized home Yoga practice that is right for their body. We are all so beautifully different, therefore each person requires a unique program to suit their individual requirements.

There are many known causes of chronic pain and still many people suffer with “no known cause.” We explore many of the underlying issues that cause or contribute to chronic back pain — several are noted below:
1) Alignment and postural issues: Poor posture over time, leads to many imbalances in the skeletal and muscular systems of the body. These imbalances cause uneven wear and tear on joints, and lead to a breakdown of the tissues such as cartilage and vertebral discs that help us buffer the knocks and pings of life. Without these shock absorbers simple movements can cause discomfort and over time chronic inflammation.
2) Lack of physical activity is a cause or contributing factor to chronic back pain, and pain is what typically deters people from pursuing physical activity — a vicious cycle. Finding a routine that remains in the pain free range of motion is key to rehabilitation and ending the chronic back pain cycle.
3) Years of poor alignment during key movements (lifitng, walking, reaching, golf, writing/typing) may lead to the development of compensatory habits such as leaning to one side, a slight limp, or chronic pelvic tiltling, all of which create muscular length and strength differences within the body. These imbalances in our musculature may exacerbate stress and inflammation in areas that have chronic tension and at the same time may contribute to other muscles groups essentially “going to sleep” and no longer working synergistically with primary mover muscles to help create movement — another self-feeding vicious cycle that contributes to chronic pain.
4) Chronic stress and negative emotions contributes to back pain. Muscles are in constant communication with the central nervous system, stress responses and emotions such as anger or anxiety can create tension in the muscles and cause muscle spasms. Ongoing tension inhibits normal muscle function and leads to muscle wasting and further stability problems, which in turn may lead to chronic back pain. More pain increases stress, and the cycle continues. If you would like more information about the program, please contact us HERE.

Registration will open 8 weeks prior to next session.

Chronic Back Pain Yoga Therapy Clinic:
1) Postural assessment – Yoga therapist led self-analysis protocol.
2) Six complete Yoga Therapy classes specifically designed for chronic back pain.
3) Take-home Yoga Therapy sequence cards to practice at home between sessions.
4) Customizable, DIY sequence builder and instruction on how to establish a regular home practice.


– Tuition: $220 for 6-week Series
March/April series is full
Next Series:Dates, Times & Location TBA

Postural assessment for each participant is the first step in creating a customized program that is right for each unique person that participates in the Chronic Back Pain Clinic. We will cover a wide range of basic rehabilitative exercises within our Yoga Therapy classes as well as focus on the more traditional Yogic practices such as breathwork, meditation and a mindfulness approach to living which helps reduce tension and stress in the mind and body. With a healthy mind and body, the spirit can soar! Wellness requires balance in all three aspects of our being: mind, body and spirit. Yoga Therapy clinics are not suitable for people who are in an acute injury phase. Post injury or surgery is a time for rest and healing. Yoga Therapy clinics are not intended to replace Physical Therapy or medical attention, and should only be considered post-physical therapy and with a health care provider’s approval if you experience chronic pain. If uncertain if this series appropriate for you, please call: (512) 415-4966.

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"I have had excruciating back pain for decades, all from a few accidents when I was in my 20's. I have fused vertebra because of slipped and crushed disks, stenosis, you name it, I've got it. I was afraid that my back was in too bad of shape to attend this clinic, but my Pain Doctor recommended it. I spoke with Genevieve and she was so gracious, kind and supportive, she said we would take it really slow and careful. After just 4 weeks of the back pain clinic I noticed the pain was a lot less, so much so that I was able to begin to not take as much pain meds. After the full yoga series, I am trying to wean off entirely (not there yet though), I feel like I have so much more energy. I can now participate in activities with my grandchildren and my wife. My whole family says I am so much more relaxed."
- T. Horton

"I feel a lot better-less pain when I sit and NO pain when I stand or lay down. I used to have pain all the time regardless of how I was. I have had back pain for over 10 years, haven't worked in 4. I have had 2 surgeries and so many different procedures. Nothing gave me any relief like this. The one thing that I liked the most about Genevieve and her classes is that she is very honest, she didn't promise that the pain would go away but she said that if I stayed with the program and moved slowly that I could reduce the pain-and I did, a lot."
- L. Carlson

"I was a competitive runner in college and used long distance running as therapy (corporate job). I often had low back pain, but by my 42nd birthday, it was so significant that I couldn't run and I fell into a depression. Over the period of a year it got so intense I couldn't walk let alone run. The MRI showed such progressed damage to most of my spine - doctor told me that I was looking at a total fusion if I continued the way I was going. My chiropractor sent me to Genevieve and she put me in this clinic with people who could barely move. I am essentially pain-free, but most astonishingly to me is that the meditation work and self-study that Genevieve wove into our classes had such a profound effect on how I live my life and care for my body. I now practice yoga daily, and am totally fine that I cannot run again. Take this series-you will be happy you did!"
- D. Briggs

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