Vata Balancing Fall Recipeimage
Gingered Squash Soup
October through February is Vata season. Vata is associated with a windy, dry, and a cooler climate. As our external environment changes, it increases Vata in our own internal environment. It is important to make some basic changes to our daily routine to stay in tune with the external environment. If we remain in tune with our natural surroundings, we are able to maintain balance in our bodies, keep our immune system strong, as well as store and conserve our energy resources to get us through the cold winter months. 

2-2.5 lbs butternut or acorn squash,

1Tbs freshly grated giner root
1 cup cashew milk (or 1/2 cup pureed cashews, add enough water to make 1 cup)
1 teaspoon brown sugar
1 Tbs minced cilantro leaves
1 Tbs ghee
Salt pepper to taste
1 tablespoon raisins (optional)  Bake or steam squash.  Peel and cube squash. Saute in ghee 2 minutes, cashew milk, ginger root and brown sugar for 5 minutes. Use an immersion blender to puree.  Garnish with 1/4 tsp grated fresh nutmeg.